Non Magnetic Black Chalk Boards

Products Features

  • With its modern aluminium frame & Chrome Plated Corners, the tough surface, of the new All Ark Astel Extra Melamine Chalk Board is both smart and economical.
  • This Green Chalk board is the practical choice for individual at home, at Schools, Institutions Etc...
  • The durable, melamine surface is totally Scratch proof and chip-resistant and evolves less dust while writing with Chalks.
  • Surface is Ideal for general use & does not attract Magnets.
  • Day- to-day writing can be easily erased with a Standard Non Magnetic Duster or with wet cloth for a good clean Surface, Good Quality Dustless Chalks & proper maintained of the Board will ensure surfaces remain in tip-top condition with no ghost images left behind.
  • Durable with its tough, anodized finish, the aluminium frame can withstand everyday wear and tear and stay looking good forever.
  • Following The instructions provided, any persons can manage this task easily and safely install the board on the wall using spares supplied inside each Board.
  • Pen tray can be purchased separately, so you can keep a selection of Coloured Chalks close to hand.

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