Magnetic Graph Boards

Products Features

  • With its premium, Triple Acrylic Resin Coated steel surfaces, All Ark Astel Magnetic Writing Boards are both stylish and durable.
  • This dual-purpose writing board and magnetic notice board is perfect for School, Institutions, Private Tuitions in busy, professional environments. Attracts Magnets so one can use magnetic Buttons or Magnetic Push Pins to attach printed sheets on the surface of the board while illustrating.
  • Thickness of the magnetic steel surface being 0.40mm is chip resistant, making the All Ark Boards for frequent use.
  • The clean smooth, contemporary Surface gives advantages for excellent quality writing. 5cms x 5cms graph available for writing and drawing on both the surfaces.
  • Day- to-day cleaning with a Standard Chalk Board Duster for green chalk surface & Standard Magnetic Duster / Erasers used for a white marker surface, whilst a good clean Surface. usage of Good Quality Chalks / marker Pens & proper maintained of the Board will ensure surfaces remain in tip-top condition with no ghost images left behind.
  • Durable with its tough, anodized finish, the aluminium frame can withstand everyday wear and tear and stay looking good forever.
  • Following The instructions provided, any persons can manage this task easily and safely install the board on the wall using spares supplied inside each Board.
  • Pen tray can be purchased separately, so you can keep a selection of Chalks / Dry wipe markers close to hand.

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